{I don't know what that is}

i was invited to like 3 grad parties today

kendall diamonds in the light

we were standin side by side



Funniest person you know? - Popstar magazine 

Funniest person I know… You know I’ve gotta give props to Logan. Him and I, everyday, crack each other up on the show… But Logan and I especially I think just mesh in that way; a very dry sense of humor and he’s such a great actor but we just go back and forth into one of his breaks.

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so in psych

we’re learning about dreams and stuff (FUCK YEAH WE’RE WATCHING INCEPTION ON WEDNESDAY)

and he had us do an exercise where we try to fall asleep in class (lol fine by me) and you’re supposed to be relaxed and stuff so he was like, “okay picture yourself in a forest… now you’re with someone. you’re walking in the forest with them…”

yadedadyayde so then he explained the whole thing after we opened our eyes and the person we pictured was someone significant to us

… i pictured james with me the whole time

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if you have a feather or leopard print or something in your hair… i’m immediately judging you.

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